Senior Night this Friday!!

Senior Parents & Guardians – 

PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY – Complete the form linked below ASAP!!

This Friday (October 27th) is “Senior Night” at the Football Game. This year our Grizzly Band Seniors will be recognized along with the Senior Cheerleaders and Football Players prior to the start of the game. I apologize for the short notice, but if we work together we can make this a special night for Grizzly Band Seniors (who have not been recognized at this event for many years). Please keep reading to get the all the details we know so far.    

There is only a short amount of time to recognize approximately 35 seniors (Trust me this moves fast.) Grizzly Band has 12 seniors that will be recognized after 2-3 Cheer seniors. Here is the tentative schedule:

6:00pm: gates open—please ARRIVE EARLY

6:15pm: walk down the ramp on the east side of the field and line up at the bottom of the ramp against the wall. There will be a table and tent set up from the Grizzly Gridiron Club (GGC), please stay in your family groups. There will be GGC and Band Booster volunteers helping everyone out. Parents/Family/Etc will be lined up A-Z by Band Student’s LAST name along the wall behind the Cheer families.

6:30pm: pictures start—there is no stopping it, the announcer starts & continues, whether you're with your student or not.

Senior Night is a special night for families as well as Senior Students.
Families will be allowed down in a designated waiting to be called on alphabetically. As the announcer broadcasts the senior student and his/her family, the group will walk out, and only the photographer will take pictures. (This is a REAL quick event, we only have time for one picture per family.) Right after the Band pictures, we can take an ALL senior picture (away from the field) before heading back into the stands.

Senior information needed ASAP!!

1.  We need to make sure we have every senior student and parents' names correctly spelled and pronounced during the presentation. The link below will take you a form where you will put your student’s first and last name, each parent’s first and last name (IF they are attending). In addition, if there is a special what to pronounce your name please also spell it phonetically (i.e. my name is spelled SKRINDE and is pronounced SKRIN-DEE)

2.  While the announcer is talking, he will be making a comment about what your son/daughter has planned for the future. Please let us know if he/she is attending a certain college, technical school, going into the military, or what his/her future plans are. This will be broadcast as you walk with your student to the spot where you will take your picture as a family.

3.  Moms / Stepmoms / Grandma or older female mother types that will be in the picture, we need to know how many moms will be in your family group. Sorry dads, this part is just for the ladies. I only need the number, as we need to order something for them.

CLICK HERE to fill in the information for your senior. Please email if your student and/or family will not be attending the game Friday.)

Thank you for your time and remember to fill out the form ASAP. Please email if you have any questions or concerns.






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