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GPHS Band Program FAQ
(General, Grizzly Band & Percussion)


Where can I find information about the GPHS band program?

  • – specifically the calendar and the band handbook.
  • Course Description Handbook (provided by GPHS to your student during the registration period).
  • Facebook – Join Glacier Peak High School Grizzly Band group and follow the GPHS Band Boosters.
  • Email any question to the band boosters – if we can’t answer it we will find someone who can or forward your question to Mr. Morris. Of course       you can email Mr. Morris as well.

What different band groups are offered?

  • Grizzly Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz I, Jazz II
  • See the Band Handbook (available at
  • Refer to the Course Description Handbook (given to students during the registration period)

What groups require an audition? When are auditions?

  • Jazz I & Wind Ensemble require auditions.
  • Jazz auditions occur in September, Wind Ensemble auditions occur in April.

How many concerts are held each year?

  • Each group performs 4 concerts per year (Fall, Winter, Early Spring & Spring)
  • Concert, Symphonic, Wind Ensemble and Percussion play during two consecutive evenings (2 groups per night) to accommodate all the                 families in our Performing Art Center.
  • Jazz I and II perform on a separate night in conjunction with the Jazz ensembles from Snohomish High School.

How can I get involved as a parent with GPHS Band?

  • Attend the Band Booster Meetings! They are typically the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
  • Serve on the board of the Band Boosters! There are some perks to this…discounted Grizzly Band Fees!
  • Attend and volunteer at our many events throughout the year.

Are there additional practices beyond school hours?

  • Only for Grizzly Band and/or in preparation for special trips/events (i.e. Big Trips/Silverwood)

How many field trips/events are there?

  • There is “usually” one optional trip per year (Silverwood or a Big Trip) and several required field trips (not all groups go on all field trips).
  • Recently the optional trip has been to Silverwood or Disneyland (Big Trip).
  • The Silverwood trip is a long weekend trip, overnights in Spokane, playing at a music festival in Coeur d’Alene, ID and a day spent at                       Silverwood Amusement Park.
  • The Disneyland trip is a bit longer with participation in Disney’s Performing Arts program and possible side trips to universities or beaches.
  • There are always several opportunities to participate in individual fundraisers to assist in paying for these trips.

What type of fundraising is required and/or available?

  • The band booster club will arrange for several “general” fundraisers that benefit the band groups as a whole, and several “individual”                       fundraisers that benefit the specific student who participates in the fundraising activity.
  • All fundraising opportunities will be communicated to the group by the GPHS Band Boosters.
  • No fundraising activities are mandatory to any family.

What expenses are covered by the “general” group fundraisers?

  • Specialized instructors/clinicians (Jazz 2, Jazz sectionals, Band Sectionals, Drum Line), Band Folders, New Music, New School Instruments,           Scholarships…etc.
  • Basically this covers all band expenses that are not for a trip of some kind.
  • We also sell concessions at least once during football and basketball season and this money goes to the ASB to offset the cost of field trips.

What expenses can “individual” fundraising dollars be used for?

  • Trips – either field trips or the “fun” trips like Disney and Silverwood.

What happens if I raise “individual” fundraising dollars and I don’t use them before graduating?

  • Funds earned through fundraisers cannot be cashed out. Any funds earned through fundraising that a student does not use by the time they          graduate will be rolled over to the Booster Scholarship account that is used to help students in need attend band camp.
  • If a student has a younger sibling in the band program, their “extra” funds can be rolled over their account.

What extra costs are involved by being part of the band program?

  • Certain field trips will require a fee to participate (amounts vary).
  • There is some initial cost for concert attire. (see question below re: concert attire)

Is there any type of financial assistance available?

  • Yes. The GPHS band boosters provide a limited number of scholarships for Band Camp fees, Concert Attire costs, and Field Trip fees for those       with financial need.
  • The financial assistance form is available on the website ( under “Forms”.
  • All families involved with band are asked to participate through supporting fundraising activities and through volunteering to assist in various             activities. This involvement allows the booster club to continue to provide financial aid when needed and helps to sustain the high quality band         program at Glacier Peak.

What is the required concert attire?

  • Ladies Attire for All Groups:
  • FULL length, all black dress with sleeves (to be ordered through the boosters during the first few weeks of school, $50-60)
  • Black tights or nylons.
  • Black dress shoes.
  • If you are facing financial issues and are unable to purchase the dress, please fill out a form for financial assistance.
  • **Girls also have the option to wear the same uniform as the boys.**
  • Men’s Attire for All Groups EXCEPT Jazz I & Wind Ensemble:
  • Black buttoned-down long-sleeve dress shirt (must be tucked-in)
  • Black slacks (with black dress belt)
  • Black dress socks & black dress shoes
  • Men’s Attire for Jazz I & Wind Ensemble:
  • Tuxedo, with tuxedo shirt and black tie.
  • Black dress socks & black dress shoes


What is Grizzly Band?

  • It is the band that the general public thinks of as the high school band. It is the “face” of GPHS Bands.
  • It is the Marching/Pep Band that supports GPHS teams by performing at all home football games (marching and in the stands); selected boys’         and girls’ basketball games and community parades.
  • Any GPHS student (whether enrolled in band or not) can be a member of the Grizzly Band.
  • Participation is highly recommended for freshman year.

If it’s not a required class/group why should my student participate?

  • IT’S FUN!!! Football & basketball games, parades, pep assemblies and fun music all the time!
  • It is a great opportunity for incoming freshman to meet upperclassmen and create friendships before school starts (Band Camp) which can               reduce a lot of stress going into a new year in a new school.
  • Membership in Grizzly Band is required to letter in band. Earning a letter involves being part of the school community and not just earning               points for individual tasks. (See Band Handbook for details on how to letter in band).
  • The band in an integral part in building pride in our school and music program.
  • Because any student can participate in Grizzly Band and not be enrolled in a band class – this is sometimes a good option for a student to stay       involved in music when their schedule doesn’t allow room to have a band class as an elective.

How does my student become part of the Grizzly Band, I don’t see it as a registration option?

  • To become a Grizzly Band member you will register and pay for membership through the GPHS Band Boosters (this will be sent to you via               email toward the end of the school year and then available on the website).
  • Attend Band Camp

How much is the Grizzly Band membership fee?

  • This fee is subject to change each year due to fluctuations in cost for uniform cleaning and instructor fees. For the 2017-2018 school year it             was $145.

What does the Grizzly Band membership fee cover?

  • The fee is used to hire instructors, development of the marching show, providing the music used for all Grizzly Band events, uniform                         maintenance, alterations, & cleaning, occasional pre-game meals/ice-cream socials, transportation to & from the games, and a Grizzly Band T-       Shirt.

What if I can’t afford the Grizzly Band membership fee?

  • The Band Boosters offer a limited number of need based scholarships for the Grizzly Band membership fee. A scholarship request form can be       found at

When is Band Camp?

  • Monday-Friday, the second week of August. For the 2018-2019 school year it will be August 6th-10th. Band Camp runs from 8am-4pm each           day.

What if my student can’t attend Band Camp?

  • They can still be part of the Grizzly Band, but they will not be able to perform in the half-time marching show of the home football games (they         can still play with the band in the stands). The purpose of Band Camp is to learn the music and marching formations and attendance is                     required to be able to march.
  • Depending on the number of students in Grizzly Band, if your student doesn’t attend Band Camp they may or may not be issued a uniform. We       have volunteers available during camp specifically to fit and assign all members with their uniform for the year. Some years we have not had           enough uniforms for every student and it is during Band Camp that we measure and order additional track suits for sections that will not be in           the traditional uniforms. We need all members available at camp to make these decisions and to place orders. Plus, we may not have                     volunteers available after school starts to fit your student.

Do I still have to pay the Grizzly Band membership fee if my student can’t attend camp?

  • Yes. The fee is to be a member of the Grizzly Band, NOT a Band Camp fee.

Are there additional Grizzly Band practices beyond the Band Camp week?

  • Yes. After Band Camp and until school starts there are usually marching and pep music rehearsals on Thursday evenings from 7-9pm. After           school starts they have marching and pep music rehearsals on the Thursday night before a home football game, 7-9pm.


Do percussionists attend Band Camp? I’ve heard there is a separate Drum Line Camp.

  • Yes, percussionists attend Band Camp.
  • Yes, there is a separate Drum Line Camp the week before Band Camp.
  • Drum Line Camp is optional. You do not have to do Drum Line Camp to be in Grizzly Band.
  • Percussionists who attend Drum Line Camp get an opportunity to meet the current drum line members early, and get to know our drum line             instructor Jerry Garcia. They will also get the opportunity to work on the exercises used during Band Camp for the Marching Drum Line.

When is Drum Line Camp?

  • The week prior to Band Camp. For the 2018-2019 school year it will be July 30th-August 3rd. It runs from 7pm-9:15pm each day. (The first day       of camp may begin earlier than the others.)

How much does it cost for Drum Line Camp?

  • This fee is subject to change each year due to fluctuations in cost for the use of facilities and instructors. For the 2017-2018 school year it was         $85.

Is there financial assistance offered for Drum Line Camp?

  • Yes. You can use the financial assistance form found on under “Forms