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Glacier Peak High School Bands


Welcome to the GPHS Band Program!

See below for descriptions of our ensembles.
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Grizzly Band

  • Grizzly band is the group that the general public thinks of as           the high school band. It is the “face” of GPHS Bands.
  • Marching/Pep Band that supports GPHS teams by performing       at all home football games (marching and in the stands);               selected boys’ and girls’ basketball games and community             parades.
  • Grizzly Band builds pride in our school and music program.
  • Any GPHS student (whether enrolled in band or not) can be a       member of the Grizzly Band.
  • It's FUN!!

Percussion Ensemble

  • All percussion students in the band program enroll                         in the Percussion Ensemble class. 
  • This class focuses on the specific needs of the                               developing percussionist.
  • All types of percussion instruments are covered along                     with drum line instruction.
  • JV and Varsity drum lines compete at regional events.
  • JV and Varsity percussion ensemble large groups compete           at regional solo & ensemble competition annually.
  • Opportunities to compete as small ensembles are                           also available.

Wind Ensemble

  • Wind Ensemble is a performance-oriented course for                     advanced wind players. 
  • Enrollment is based on audition and is limited to ensure                 proper balance of the ensemble. 
  • Wind Ensemble will give public performances within the                 community, as well as festivals and competitions throughout         the Northwest. 
  • Private lessons for students in Wind Ensemble are highly               recommended. 
  • Our purpose is to enhance musical skills through performance.
  • Students in Wind Ensemble demonstrate a high level of                 musicianship and skills development.

Symphonic Band

  • Symphonic Band will focus on the performance of quality               literature from the band repertoire. 
  • The primary duty is to prepare students for Wind Ensemble by       developing skills necessary for a greater focus on                           performance.
  • Selection of music for this class will enhance the development       of each individual’s musical technique and expression. 
  • Symphonic Band will give local public performances                       throughout the year as well as regional festivals and                       competitions. 
  • Private lessons for students in Symphonic Band are                       recommended. 

Concert Band

  • This class is open to all wind instrumentalists and focuses             on the development of each individual’s technical proficiency. 
  • The primary duty is to prepare students for Symphonic Band         by developing and refining musical skills. 
  • This class will concentrate on applying fundamental skills to            entertaining and exciting concert band literature. 
  • Concert Band gives various public performances during the           year and will participate in the MPMEA District Band Festival.
  •  Private lessons for students in Concert Band are                            recommended. 

Jazz I

  • Jazz I is the top performing jazz ensemble. 
  • Membership is through audition only. 
  • Jazz I members have demonstrated a high level of                         performance and improvisational abilities. 
  • This zero hour class will expose students to many different             styles of big band music, and will encourage band members         to develop improvisational skills. 
  • The bands will give public performances in the community as         well as festivals and competitions throughout the Northwest. 

Jazz II

  • Jazz II is a preparatory performance ensemble. 
  • This is an auditioned group; membership may include 
      non-traditional jazz instruments. 
  • This zero hour class is open to all interested students. 
  • Students are exposed to many different styles of big band             music, and will be encouraged to develop improvisational               skills. 
  • The band will give public performances in the community as           well as festivals and competitions throughout the Northwest.